"So y'all wanna know how this all started"?

Updated: Apr 27, 2020


It is really strange for me to be here writing to you guys, from a totally new perspective, things that i've always thought would never come out from my mind.

It's been a long journey with my previous band, we've been through ups and downs, we met thousands of people all over the world but we eventually split up.

I'm not here to put the blame on anyone, to complain or talk shit.

That's not me.

I say what i need to say, face to face, no need to talk shit on the internet.

Right after we split up i took a good 6 months break to figure myself out, understand what i wanted to do.

Just focused on myself.

In the meanwhile i was producing at the "Heavy tones recordings" studio here in Turin (IT) a very good band called "In a previous life" and i was putting all myself into their new album to give them that "perfect" sound they were lookin' for.

"I eventually became very close to them and to one of them in particular , Francesco "Slevin" Fontanarosa.

He always told me i needed to come back on the road, i needed to come back in the industry, showing the world what i can do.

But i felt like and empty shell.

In the other hand my brother Andrew Fabio Pezzi, started to talk to me about his vision.

He kept saying that things were the way they needed to be, that all of this was part of a bigger plan.

I've never believed that much in this kind of things, but my brother's definitely no fool.

During the years with "Cry Excess" i always had troubles with a person in particular.

Andrew Asso.

He was also a part of "Cry Excess" for a little while, but he was eventually kicked out from the band by one of his best friends, band mates and former guitar player of his same band "Cry Excess" (and i'm not talking about my brother, so you can easily guess who i'm talking about).

This person basically took Andrew's phone while he was away and wrote a message on his behalf on the facebook chat of "CE" telling everybody he wanted to leave the band.

At the time i didn't know what happened so i reacted the way you expect me to react.

Pretty bad.

So we gotta understand why Andrew talked all this shit about "Cry Excess" during the years.

He was stabbed in the back by someone he used to call a "Friend", a "Brother".

Now imagine me, in front of my mixer at the "HTR" studios, with my brother on my left, Slevin on my right talking about how cool it'd be to come back on the road, to jump back in the industry, showing the world the new "me", and giving myself one last chance.

Everybody in the room agrees with the fact that i should definitely give it one more try, when my phone rings.

It's Andrew Asso.

It's been 5 years since the last time we saw each other.

He want's to talk to me.

"Alright" i say, "i'm at the "Heavy tones recordings" studio, just come here and we'll talk".

I gotta say that the whole mess with "CE" helped me a lot.

I learnt from my mistakes, i definitely became a better person and that's what Andrew saw in me when he arrived at the "HTR". A different version of Jax.

I gotta say he also had changed a lot.

He's not an easy person.

He's probably one of the best song-writers i've ever met, but he's not easy at all.

So you gotta understand i was totally shocked when he started talking about the mistakes he did in the past, about the things he could have done better,

I saw a Man right there.

I was opened to start everything from scratch.

"I know we didn't get off to a good start" i said, "let's try to build some kind of relationship again, if you wanna talk to me, if you care about me, you know where to find me", and the same was for me.

I knew where to find him.

And that place was called "music".

So now, imagine me,

always in front of my mixer at the "HTR" studios with my brother on my left, Slevin on my right, and Andrew right in front of me.

I still remember how to sing, they know how to play their own instruments, all we are missing is a drummer.

The ideas are there, we have a hell of a lot of things to say, but we still miss a goddamn drummer.

At that time my studio was in Turin Downtown, and right above me i had a "Clubhouse" of a motorcycle club.

As you guys know we are all bikers, this is the life we live and the idea to have a drummer that was also a part of a "MC" was very exciting for me.

Long story short, we set up a meeting with one of these guys that we knew was also a drummer, he joins the band, but after a couple of months he leaves the band cuz he understands the magnitude of the project, what our main goals actually was and he just didn't wanna be a part of it.

Luckily enough, a couple of weeks after the former drummer left the band we decide to write to another pretty famous drummer over here and ask him to join the band.

I knew Fabio for something like 4/5 years, never really wanted to play with him cuz i was already okay with the drummer i had and didn't really liked his mindset in terms of music.

Needless to say, he changed my mind.

He probably understood he lost a lot of time and money with his previous bands,

(just like i did) and he wanted to give it a try, one last time.

So here we are, the lineup is finally complete,

The only thing we still don't have is the right working team.

Until a guy from Arizona calls me at the phone on a sunday morning.

His name's Sam.

"Yo Jax, what do you guys need?"

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