Album Artwork reveal + Album release date announcement

What's going on guys?

It's been a while since we last posted something here on our official website and you can easily understand the reason why.

Covid is actually hitting the music industry pretty hart this time, especially here in Europe and we were thinking about ways to get sh*t done even during these hard times.

And here we are..

On May the 14th 2021 our first full-length album will see the light and together with that we will release the official music video for "When i turn i see the future"..

It's been a long ride..

But we're definitely satisfied about the final result and this is by far the best we can do, let's be honest.

We will be posting lil spoilers of the album here and there on our social media pages so you'll be able to understand pretty much how the album sounds like and what to expect from it.

What else?

Oh yeah, please enjoy this amazing piece of art "MZ DESIGN" put together for the cover of the album and expect new material coming soon on a weekly basis!


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